HIPerspectives Episode 8: Thinking big: maximizing the impact of your ideas

HIPerspectives-1400x1400This episode’s guest is Denise Brosseau, a thought leader and serial entrepreneur. Having developed her own big ideas into organizations and companies, Denise shared her process in her book, “Ready to be a Thought Leader?”  In this interview, hear Denise’s secrets of her success, including creating a Mastermind group, why you should collect a “bouquet of no’s,” and the impact you can have if you think big. Listen in to Denise’s thought-provoking ask.

Denise and Annie updated

HIPLegal’s Annie Rogaski also discusses a video posted by LeanIn, on What Works for Women at Work, by Joan C. Williams, tackling four key types of unconscious bias.  If you are interested in learning more or discussing this topic with a group, check out the videos here.