HIPerspectives Episode 1: The Joy Experiment

HIPerspectives-1400x1400Welcome to HIPerspectives, HIPLegal’s podcast on law, life, and awesome women!

HIPerspectives will have three types of podcasts – special topics, IP basics (walking through some of the basics of intellectual property, setting a foundation for deeper strategic discussions), and IP strategic deep dives.  In each episode, we will also interview and highlight an awesome woman and hear about her journey and successes.

In our first episode, the HIPLegal partners share their perspectives on the Joy Experiment that led to the creation of HIPLegal, and close the episode with an invitation. In our awesome woman segment, Annie interviews Monica Phillips, President of Spark Plug Labs, who coaches leaders across professions.  Monica helps her clients find joy in their work, overcome challenges in their professional paths, build their networks and, ultimately, their business.  Listen and learn about what being in a coaching relationship is like, the power of “no,” the power of asking, how employers can create environments in which women best succeed, and what Monica’s superpower is.

Interested in trying out coaching?  Contact Monica at 415.857.1438 or

Resources mentioned in the podcast:


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