HIPerspectives Episode 6: Are Kindness And Success In Business Mutually Exclusive?

HIPerspectives-1400x1400Episode 6 of HIPerspectives features awesome woman Erin Rand, Chief Operating Officer at Service Rocket, a Silicon Valley company that offers training, consulting, and support services to software companies. Listen to learn about Erin’s path to the C-suite, which began when she discovered her knack for making things better, continued through her experiences in various fields, from engineering to accounting, and culminated in becoming a generalist. Find out what qualities Erin believes are necessary in effective COOs, hear how she approaches mentoring, and discover how she has managed to achieve a rare, yet winning, combination of kindness and success in the business world.

ErinErin was recognized in 2015 as one of the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Top 100 Women of Influence.  Learn more about what makes Erin tick here.