Technology Licensing

Strategic negotiation and focused drafting of agreements.

Licensing can extract value from your IP assets, or provide you freedom to operate in your space with a lower risk of litigation from your competitors.  An offensive licensing strategy should be well-thought out and executed; one-off licenses without a broader plan can harm future efforts to license.  We help develop comprehensive licensing strategies that account for future strategic plans and we can lead or assist with license negotiations and drafting.  In-licensing requires other considerations and a strong negotiating posture. 

Contact us to explore how we can help best position you to navigate or in-license a competitors' IP.

"Drawing upon her knowledge of litigation as well as the dynamics and pressure points of a negotiation, Annie partners with IRIDEX to find the right tone and path for beneficial license discussions for our key technology. She focuses on what moves us toward our goals, so we don’t waste time and money on ancillary issues." Jim Mackaness, CFO, IRIDEX