Patent Prosecution and Strategy

High quality protection and strategic advice regarding your IP.

Companies are built on ideas – and succeed if those ideas are properly protected and enforced.  We craft patent protection in a way that recognizes its value to your business strategy and keeps respectful competitors at bay.  Core technology often merits stronger protection than ancillary innovation.  A large patent portfolio provides value as well, but should be sized appropriately for your business needs.  We work with you to identify the relative importance of inventions and develop a prosecution strategy that maximizes protection and value of your IP assets.

Patent rights depend on the date you file your patent application, so contact us today to explore how we can help you build a strong patent portfolio.

"[Judith] matches her shrewd commercial thinking with technical acuity in computer software, hardware and telecommunications." IAM Magazine, The World's Leading Patent Practitioners, IAM Patent 1000, 2016