Copyrights, DMCA, and Open Source Strategic Advice

Cost-effectively managing content issues through protection, monitoring and strategic advice.

Copyrights: The way you express your company's message may be unique enough to distinguish you in a crowded market. Registering copyrights for your unique content, including software, teaching materials, manuals, and whitepapers, is one way to reduce the temptation for others to copy your intellectual property or to protect you if they do. We help clients identify copyrightable material and empower them to register copyrights cost-effectively.

DMCA: User content posted on your site may also have copyright protection or may infringe another's copyright. Some simple steps provide you protection under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) as a host, should a user post infringing content on your site. User content may also defame someone or infringe another’s trademark. We can help you set up policies and systems to manage the risks that come with hosting user content posted by others.

Open Source: Open source software is ubiquitous, and almost no software can be created without using some open source products. But the licenses under which open source software is distributed vary widely. Navigating the web of open source licenses can be daunting, but failing to abide by license requirements of the open source software your developers use in creating your product can put your core software at risk. We can help identify the license requirements and develop a robust process for your company’s compliance with them.

See our Open Source Software Management resource for a discussion of some of these issues. Contact us to explore how we can help make sure your use of Open Source software will not cause issues.

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