Best IP Practices

Tailored IP processes to develop and maximize your IP.

IP  – and the competitive advantage it offers – can be lost without processes structured to ensure its protection. We partner with our clients to create, develop, or improve programs that maximize IP protection, and audit existing processes.  These processes can address identifying inventions to patent, setting up trade secret rules and tools, selecting and registering trademarks, and crafting agreements to protect what traditional intellectual property rights may not.  No matter your technology focus, there is some protection that is available to you – it is just a matter of identifying what it is.

Trying to get control over what IP you have, where it is, and how to manage it? The earlier you set up processes, the better positioned you will be to maximize the value of your IP. Contact us to explore what processes could advance your IP strategy.

"By educating clients—startups or companies lacking in-house IP expertise—about IP issues and litigation approaches in the context of their business goals and strategies, HIPLegal ("HIP" as in High-tech Intellectual Property) aims to help clients avoid litigation or minimize the associated cost "down the road," Rogaski says." “Trio of IP Lawyers Launch Boutique Aimed at Startups,” The Recorder, May 13, 2014