Welcoming Laura Majerus to HIPLegal

HIPLegal is pleased to welcome Laura Majerus as Of Counsel.  Laura is a former in-house counsel at Google, with extensive experience in patent strategy, prosecution, licensing, and M&A.  Prior to working at Google, Laura was a partner at Fenwick & West.  Laura also has considerable experience in open source licensing.

Her broad experience and skill set are a valuable addition to HIPLegal’s team, and she is looking forward to partnering with our clients.

Change in DMCA Agent Registration Rules

New DMCA agent registration rules started December 1st, require action before the end of 2017.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act safe harbor enables a company to avoid copyright liability for hosting third-party created content that violates copyright, as long as the company has a registered DMCA agent with the Copyright Office, and takes the appropriate steps after receiving a notice.


The Copyright Office is finally moving into the Internet era, and shifting from requiring physically mailed copies of DMCA Agent registrations, to online registration.  This should enable a much easier search for agents.


However, because of this switch, all previously registered service providers must re-register with the new electronic system by December 31, 2017, and designate their agent.   The new rules also require re-registration every three years.


One advantage of the new system is the reduced cost.  Not only has the fee to the Copyright Office been significantly decreased, from $105 to $6, but the faster online registration should also decrease the cost in time or money if you are working with an attorney to register.


If you host any third party content that could infringe copyright — for example a blog/Tumblr/Instagram that others post to, a forum, or an app that permits users to comment or post content — we highly recommend registering a DMCA agent.  Once you do, any copyright notices will go to that agent via email.  DMCA notices do require prompt action so make sure that the email address remains monitored.  We recommend using an email address such as dmca@yourcompany.com, with a secondary email address of a law firm or other entity that ensure that the notices are received by the right people within the company.


We have been the designated agent for a number of our clients, and have of course already registered as an agent, and will be updating our clients’ registrations. If you have questions about the DMCA, how to register as a DMCA agent, or have another issue we could help with, please drop us a line.

Meet & Greet with European Patent Office Examiners at Our Offices on September 16th

HIPLegal is pleased to be co-hosting visiting European Patent Office (EPO) examiners, with Krista Jacobsen of Jacobsen IP Law.  

We will be hosting an informal breakfast meeting in the morning of September 16th at our offices in Cupertino between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m.  

The Examiners are looking forward to talking to practitioners, students, and innovators about the EPO and the Unitary Patent, and to discuss practitioner and client experiences with the EPO.   If you have questions about EPO rules, Examiners, training, and procedures, join us!  

Please do RSVP so we can make sure we have enough coffee & bagels for everyone. 

RSVP by entering your name and email address. A confirmation email will be sent.
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HIPLegal Update


HIPLegal is entrepreneurial startup intellectual property law firm founded by three senior attorneys, with diverse backgrounds. Judith, Julie, and Annie made it a priority to create a new type of law firm, one that provides practical high-tech intellectual property (“HIP”) legal solutions, legal counsel and incredible client satisfaction–yet is nimble, flexible and able to work well with any type of client. We wanted to truly partner with our clients—and we succeeded!


And sometimes with success … comes more success!

Annie worked with the amazing mediawear startup Avegant Corp. on-site one day a week. Unsurprisingly, they loved her so much, that they offered her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become General Counsel of a growing startup with an incredible technology and path. Annie has accepted this dream opportunity and will be leaving the partnership to help grow Avegant. Annie will maintain professional ties with HIPLegal. We wish her all the best, and look forward to working with her as well as Avegant.

Julie had an excellent year, working with several startups and established companies in a variety of technologies. She has enjoyed working extensively with one of our innovative clients, Synopsys, with whom she has a long history, having previously served there as the Head of IP.   Julie has moved into an of-counsel role with HIPLegal to focus on business related work for our clients.

Judith has also had a phenomenal year, working with clients in a variety of areas, including computer hardware, software, wearables, IoT, biometrics, consumer devices, and other technologies. Judith was listed in the Top 250 Women Patent Attorneys in the World (IPStars), as well as one of the World’s Leading Patent Professionals (IAM Patent 1000) for 2016! She has found a great balance building HIPLegal as a boutique firm, and will continue to serve existing and new clients.

HIPLegal will also keep working with our fantastic patent and trademark contract attorneys:  Geneva Lai, Krista Jacobsen, Kristin Castle, and Rhys Chang.

HIPLegal will continue to deliver practical high-tech intellectual property (“HIP”) legal solutions that fit seamlessly into our clients’ businesses, and build our client relationships into ongoing, mutually rewarding partnerships.

HIPerspectives Episode 22: Crushing It

EileenIn this episode of HIPerspectives, Glassbreakers CEO and co-founder, Eileen Carey, talks about solving the diversity problem, the highs and lows of startup life, building culture from scratch, and how music helps her “crush it.”

HIPerspectives Episode 21: Curiosity and Data Inspiring Working Joy



Welcome to HIPerspectives!

In this episode, Theresa Kushner, VP, Information Innovation Center at VMWare, shares her journey from the emerging days of big data … to writing a couple books … to her path to the best job ever.  Theresa KushnerTalk about working joy! She invites you to share your stories about data by reaching out to her at tkushner@vmware.com. And she shares some of what makes the culture at VMWare so special. Listen in and be inspired.



Stop! Thief! Enforcing your IP rights

HIPerspectives-1400x1400Monitoring the competition is an important part of protecting your intellectual property – in some cases, for example, to maintain your trademarks, you need to ensure others are not misusing your IP. Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing (in a legally-proper way) also helps maintain the competitive advantage you derive from your intellectual property – which really should be the purpose for protecting your IP in the first place. When a competitor launches a product that looks very similar to your technology, and you realize they recently hired engineers who worked on your technology, what do you do? Do you have patents or trade secrets that prevent them from selling their new product? Even if you do, should you act? Are there pitfalls to be aware of? These are just some considerations covered by the HIPLegal partners in this episode, discussing what to do when a competitor appears to be infringing your IP rights.

HIPerspectives Episode 19: Find Your Truth

Dawnet picture

In this episode of HIPerspectives, our awesome guest Dawnet Beverley will take you on a journey to discover the secrets to confidence and vulnerability and how both facets fit into leadership.  The key that ties them together?  Your truth. Listen in to understand what that means and how to find your truth.  Dawnet also shares her insights about mentoring and reveals an important connection between golf and leadership.

HIPerspectives Episode 18: Licensing — The Devil’s in the Details

HIPerspectives-1400x1400In earlier IP Basics episodes, the HIPLegal partners discussed how IP rights – like patents, copyrights, trademarks – come into existence and when you might need permission to use someone else’s IP rights. This episode builds on those prior episodes to explore strategies for the licensee – the one who wants rights to someone else’s intellectual property – when negotiating for a license. We return to the example of Annie’s pencil and walk through what rights we need to fill a customer order.

HIPerspectives Episode 17: The Future is Bright


Our first guest of 2016 is an awesome young woman – Sanika Mahajan.  Sanika is a high school student who joined HIPLegal as a summer intern in 2015.  Take a short trip down memory lane as you listen to Sanika’s experience in high school. You’ll hear her take on the conversation around girls/women in STEM and be reminded of just how tough the demands of high school (and all those extracurricular activities) can be.  As we focus this year on the election of our next leader, it is reassuring to know that we have young people like Sanika in the pipeline for future leadership in our country!



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