The Founders’ Network

HIPLegal LLP opened its doors on February 3, 2014.  It has been a wild ride in the months leading up to, and since, our launch.  The adventure of starting a firm, opening for business and getting the word out has been eye-opening.  I never imagined “work” could be this fun, this exhilarating, and this humbling at the same time.

As we ramped up in preparation of our launch, we talked with other small firm founders and start-up entrepreneurs.  Even those practicing in the same general space did not approach our discussions as competitors (“there is enough work for all of us”), but were generous with their time and wisdom – even sharing their mistakes or missteps so we could avoid them.  Having spent the past 15 years in a large firm, I had no idea this small firm network even existed – where colleagues refer work to each other, ask the questions I used to ask my partners down the hall, and share ideas and forms for best practices (what, exactly, needs to go into an employee offer letter?).  Our launch was eased by the great insights into starting a business that we received from Dave Miclean, Cora Schmid, Kim Le, Randy Gard, Mary Shapiro, and Karen Catlin.  Thank you!

Our launch surprised me as well.  Social media made getting the word out as easy as clicking a button or two.  The networks we spent decades building rallied around us, offering congratulations, business referrals, invitations to coffee and lunch.  I am humbled by how warm and widespread the wishes were, and am re-inspired to return the support.

One of the most exciting aspects of starting a firm is combining the business side with the legal practice.  Having now set up our infrastructure and business practices, though, it is a pleasure to focus more expansively on the reason we started HIPLegal – helping our clients.  Just like the supportive network we have enjoyed, HIPLegal is about supporting our partners – our clients – to design and deliver practical IP solutions that seamlessly align with their business goals.  This is what we’re passionate about.  This is why we started HIPLegal.  This is what we do.  Now, back to work…