Fostering Future Women Leaders at HIPLegal

Young Women's Networking

Recently at HIPLegal we hosted a networking event for young women, to help them develop their networks as well as get comfortable at a networking event. We had a mix of young women (which we arbitrarily defined as juniors in high school to recent grads of college or grad school) and women with more experience in their careers, who had the opportunity to mentor as well as network with their peers.

It turns out that there is huge enthusiasm for bringing women together from across generations. In particular, those who have been in their careers for decades were thrilled to have an opportunity like this one to help younger women develop a foundation for whatever career they might pursue. And, the young women were naturals – easing into conversations and finding things in common with other attendees.  Their energy and excitement about what the future may hold was infectious.

Reflecting on the evening and the feedback we received both from those who attended and those who could not attend, we decided we should do this again. It is one small way for us to help future leaders and at the same time learn from and be inspired by them. Let us know if you’d like to be invited to the next one!