HIPerspectives Episode 2: A Legal Monopoly and Guest Annie Appleby, CEO of YogaForce

In this episode, Julie, Judith, and Annie explore the realm of patent rights and reveal their strategic uses and hidden advantages. Join the ladies of HIPLegal as they introduce you to patent strategy, including answering the essential question (to patent or not to patent?) and explain the use of patents in both offensive and defensive litigation. Listen and learn which celebrated product is protected by over 300 separate patents, and how Honeywell International Inc. uses patents in an unexpected way to reap large rewards. This segment will cover some basics, providing the background knowledge that is crucial to filing a successful patent, using the simple example of “Annie’s Pencil.”

Podcast Episode 2 picture of Annie's Pencil

This week’s awesome woman is Annie Appleby, Founder and CEO of YogaForce, a company that sells ergonomic yoga mats and provides fitness classes. Annie’s story of her company begins with a car accident and continues through an appearance in TIME magazine, business with Madonna, and teaching yoga at Stanford University’s Linear Accelator Center (SLAC). Join HIPLegal’s own Annie Rogaski as she discovers how passion, hard work, and the mentorship of her mother helped Annie Appleby go from detesting yoga to building a yoga company that launched a successful A-line yoga mat.

Interested in yoga and the A-line mat? Contact Annie here.