Ben Horowitz on “How to Manage”

There are many management rules … too many. This one is the most important, and one of the most difficult to consider on an on-going basis: Critical management decisions should be made with all impacted perspectives in mind.

Keith Rabois, Khoslas Ventures, on “How to Operate”

Building a company is harder than building a product. A good metaphor for what a leader does is editing. Generally, there are writers and editors – your job as a leader is to edit – to eliminate unnecessary things, simplify, and clarify.

Reid Hoffman on How to be a Great Founder

There is no one skillset for a great founder. Having the ability to learn and adapt and create networks around you “while crossing uneven ground in the fog” is useful. Collective learning makes great teams. And diverse teams help solve difficult problems.

Startup Culture and Hiring

Culture is like gardening: you plant the seeds, you pull the weeds, and it grows. It takes constant attention.

Creating Culture at a Startup

Our favorite guidance from this session on creating culture was “Look for a diversity of backgrounds, but not values.”

Alex Schultz, VP Growth, Facebook, on “Growth” in How to Start a Startup

Growth is the key for a start-up. Retention is the key indicator of growth, as those are your fans / ambassadors / power users. You need to understand what number/metric is MOST important to drive retention of your users in your market for your product. That is your key metric or “North Star.”