Stop! Thief! Enforcing your IP rights

The HIPLegal partners on strategies when a competitor comes out with a product that appears to use your patents, trade secrets, trademarks or other property.

Making Your IP Work For You

If intellectual property has not been a priority for your company, you may be leaving value on the table. By developing an approach to IP that advances your business goals, you can extract more value and solidify your competitive position.

HIPLegal’s Own Recognized as IAM Top Patent Prosecutors

Congratulations to HIPLegal’s Julie Stephenson and Judith Szepesi, both of whom were named on the IAM Patent 1000 2015 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals as Top Patent Prosecutors.

District Courts Entitled to More Deference from the Federal Circuit

In a much-awaited opinion, the Supreme Court clarified that the appellate standard of review for the interpretation of dispute patent claim terms is “clearly erroneous” (deferential) if the district court made findings of fact about extrinsic evidence and “de novo” for intrinsic evidence and the ultimate construction of the claim term. Read on for some impacts of this decision on patent litigation costs and strategies.

The Value of Hindsight: “If I only knew then what I know now…”

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Patent lawyers reading this may protest, but rest assured I am not talking about patent obviousness. Hindsight is incredibly useful if we can learn from past experiences, figure out what could have been done differently, and use that knowledge to head off or drive future outcomes in a more positive way.

We share here our insights from litigation that can help you better position for or withstand IP litigation.

A Roundtable Discussion: Women Who Practice in the Predominantly Male Arena of Patent Litigation

It is no surprise that patent litigators are predominantly male.  Nicholas Gaffney, of Law Practice Today, delves into the world of patent litigation from the perspective of women who have practiced in this space, including HIPLegal’s Annie Rogaski, capturing their personal insights into patent litigation, career advice, views on changes needed in the patent system and on patent trolls, as