Welcoming Laura Majerus to HIPLegal

HIPLegal is pleased to welcome Laura Majerus as Of Counsel. Laura is a former in-house counsel at Google, with extensive experience in patent strategy, prosecution, licensing, and M&A.

Meet & Greet with European Patent Office Examiners at Our Offices on September 16th

HIPLegal is pleased to be co-hosting visiting European Patent Office (EPO) examiners, with Krista Jacobsen of Jacobsen IP Law.   We will be hosting an informal breakfast meeting in the morning of September 16th at our offices in Cupertino between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m.   The Examiners are looking forward to talking to practitioners, students, and innovators about

HIPLegal Update

HIPLegal has experienced some changes, but will continue to deliver practical high-tech intellectual property (“HIP”) legal solutions that fit seamlessly into our clients’ businesses, and build our client relationships into ongoing, mutually rewarding partnerships.

HIPLegal’s Own Recognized as IAM Top Patent Prosecutors

Congratulations to HIPLegal’s Julie Stephenson and Judith Szepesi, both of whom were named on the IAM Patent 1000 2015 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals as Top Patent Prosecutors.

Ben Horowitz on “How to Manage”

There are many management rules … too many. This one is the most important, and one of the most difficult to consider on an on-going basis: Critical management decisions should be made with all impacted perspectives in mind.

The Value of Hindsight: “If I only knew then what I know now…”

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Patent lawyers reading this may protest, but rest assured I am not talking about patent obviousness. Hindsight is incredibly useful if we can learn from past experiences, figure out what could have been done differently, and use that knowledge to head off or drive future outcomes in a more positive way.

We share here our insights from litigation that can help you better position for or withstand IP litigation.